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                 Fly & Buy Program Terms and Conditions

The Purpose of the Fly & Buy Program is to reassure the buyer that the items being described in the listings on RV Help-U-Sell websites are precisely what are being sold.  Should the buyer fly via commercial airline to inspect the item, and the item not be as described in the listing on the website, the seller shall reimburse the buyer for the cost of the coach class round-trip airfare for one person.

The Fly & Buy Program works like this. The prospective buyer must submit a high offer that is accepted by the seller. Should the buyer travel via commercial airline to inspect the item, and the item not be as described in the listing on the RV Help-U-Sell website, the buyer shall be entitled to be reimbursed by the seller for one round-trip coach class airline ticket. 

The buyer must travel to the nearest major airport near where the item is located so that the buyer may inspect the item.  Transportation from the airport to the inspection location is the responsibility of the buyer.

Upon the completion of the inspection and subsequent sale, the buyer may either take possession of the item or make arrangements to have the item shipped to the buyer’s location.  The seller shall, at their discretion, spend up to $1,000 to ship the item to the buyer, or the seller will credit to the buyer $1,000 towards the purchase of the item. 

The buyer and seller agree to bargain in good faith to facilitate the sale.  The sale price, represented by the buyer’s offer to purchase through the RV Help-U-Sell system, is not negotiable.

Items that are factory new and have never been sold and qualify for the Fly & Buy Program are not negotiable unless there is a major misrepresentation of the item such as an incorrect year, model or major option that is either misidentified or represented as available and shown to be unavailable on the item.  Upon this event the buyer shall qualify for airfare reimbursement by the seller, should the sale not take place.

On used inventory the description must be accurate as far as year, model, miles, equipment, and location. Lenders shall state the general condition as Excellent or Good. Any vehicle, or other item, marked AS IS or Salvage Title will not qualify for the Fly & Buy program.

The mechanical report shall be done by a licensed company that will assign the condition grade as Excellent or Good. The buyer and seller shall agree to abide by the condition report.

The buyer of a used vehicle, or other used item, shall agree to a $300 deductible for any repairs that may be require. The buyer agrees that no used vehicle or other used item is in “as new”     

condition and  the buyer will accept up to $300 financial exposure on the vehicle or other used item.

Both the buyer and the seller shall agree to abide by the findings of the company that provided the mechanical report as to the actual cost to fix a minor problem. If the repair is more than $300 the seller shall, at their discretion, either pay for any repair over and above the $300 or reimburse the buyer the airfare to return the buyer to their departure location.  All airfare reimbursements are based on coach class ticketing.