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Q.Do we own the vehicles found on the foreclosure page?
A.No! RV HELP-U-SELL does not own or hold on consignment any of the vehicles found on the foreclosure page. Vehicles found on the consignment page are owned by a licensed dealer in California.

Q.Do we collect deposits or down payments from potential buyers?
A.No! we never accept any form of payment from anyone.

Q.How do we make our money?
A. We are a third party advertiser. We are paid by lenders for advertising the inventory found on our web sites.

Q.Do buyers pay RV HELP-U-SELL for the foreclosures?
A.No! Payment for all inventory found on our web sites would be made to the legal owner/lender that owns the vehicle. All money,
fees, possible taxes and transfer of title is between the legal owner/lender and the buyer.

Q.Who pays for transportation if needed?
A.Currently the lender will pay for $1,000 of the transportation cost. If the buyer elects to pick up the vehicle the legal owner/lender will deduct $1,000 from the selling price.

Q.What if I buy a vehicle in another state and I want to register it in my state.
A.Buyers should check with state and local agencies before taking possession of the vehicle. Only your state can give you accurate information.