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RV HELP-U-SELL and the affiliate locations are in the business of advertising lender owned vehicles. We are NOT an auction and we are not dealers. All offers submitted on our web sites go directly to the legal owner of each vehicle. We do not have the authority to negotiate any part of the possible sale. Final selling prices are controlled by the legal owners of the advertised vehicles.


We provide the values of the vehicles as they are found on the N.A.D.A guide.

. These figures are just a guide and may not reflect the exact value. The low and high values are not determined by dealers. These values are actually used by lenders to determine how much they will lend on a vehicle.


The vast majority of vehicles advertised on our web sites seem to sell for the low or slightly below that value. This statement may be helpful for some clients to know. We will accept any offer, for any amount and submit the offer to the lender or legal owner. The lender or legal owner can accept any offer at any time. The vehicles found on our web sites are not consigned to RV HELP-U-SELL. Some vehicles found on the RV HELP-U-SELL web sites may also be found for sale on other web sites or bank owned businesses. By submitting an offer using a contact/offer form you acknowledge that you have read and understand this statement. Some inventory listed are no sale units at dealer auctions located nationwide.

 What We do!

Rv-HELP-U-SELL locations across the country advertise RV, boat and vehicle repossessions to a nationwide market. There are new listings posted on our web sites twice each month. The advertised units stay active for 14 days. During that period prospective buyers make offers which forward directly to the legal owner.
At the end of each listing period the clients with offers accepted by the legal owners
are contacted by the legal owner and a time and place to view the vehicle are
determined. No money will change hands until the buyer has inspected and approved
the sale. Location of a vehicle at the time of repossession has nothing to do with where the original loan was made. Some legal owners require the repossession to be brought back to where the loan originated.

1. Placing an offer!                    

Choose the unit that you would like to make an offer on and go to the contact form below. Fill out the form as this is what the lender will use to contact you if your offer is accepted. Offers that have been received are posted under "current
offers" located just below the last repossession listed on this page. The legal owner can accept an offer at any time. You may send in as many offers as you like on one vehicle. Multiple offers are only accepted on approval of the legal
owner. People making offers are under no obligation to purchase any vehicle until they have inspected and approved of the vehicle. RV HELP-U-SELL locations only advertise the vehicles found on this web site. Acceptance and approval of any sale is the responsibility of the legal owner of the vehicle. Some vehicles listed on our web sites are not exclusive listings and can be found through other sources including but not limited to the Internet.

* Lenders will pay $1,000 of the delivery cost. Buyers who elect to pick up the vehicle will receive a $1,000 deduction off of the selling price.


2. Common Questions!                 

Q. Do you have additional pictures?          
A. No! But if you place the highest offer the lender will contact you and provide you with more pictures, a mechanical report and a car fax. This sale is all about finding the real buyer and then moving forward. This is how buyers can really save money! If the lenders paid the costs of a dealership then the prices would reflect that cost.

Q. Can we see it?
A. No! These repossessions are located nationwide. It would be logistically impossible to make the units available to preview. There would be no one place that would work for everyone. This also goes back to saving money. It is very expensive to move these units from one place to another.
As the customer holding the highest offer you are not obligated to purchase the unit until you have had a chance to inspect it. This is better than a money back guarantee! You pay no money until you are satisfied.

How do I know if I have made the highest offer?
A. If you have made the highest offer you will be contacted by the lender who owns the unit.
If the sale ends on a week day the results are posted on the RV HELP U SELL web site by the next day. If the sale ends on friday or the week-end the results are not posted until the lenders open on Monday. It is important for buyers to understand that the lenders and legal owners have control of the timing of when the units are posted for sale. The lenders control most aspects of the sale. The decision of the lenders/legal owners are final. RV HELP U SELL is only a marketing and advertising business. We believe that buyers can find the best prices found anywhere when buying a repossession.


 Please Read Before making an offer!
The lenders who list foreclosures on our web-sites are not RV dealers, they are banks, credit unions, finance companies and auto auctions. They are banking professionals who have no interest in wasting your time by advertising junk. Most units listed have been inspected by professional RV mechanics. Most units come with at least a 90ty day warranty. Others have factory warranties still in place. All sales are subject to inspection and approval from the buyer before any money changes hands. If you feel the need to see it, drive it or inspect it before you are ready to place an offer, this program is not for you! If your offer is accepted by the lender you will have as much time as necessary to do a complete inspection.

Any offer placed on a foreclosure or pre-foreclosure are submitted to the 
legal owner. Sales are not final until the buyer has inspected and approved the
RV being sold. No deposits or money of any kind are asked for or collected by
the legal owner until the buyer accepts the RV and the terms. 

Motor vehicle laws vary from state-to-state, prospective buyers should check
with state and county agencies before making an offer on a foreclosure, or
  pre-foreclosure. Used tax and registration also vary from state-to-state and
prospective buyers should check with local agencies. The final selling price
of any foreclosure or pre-foreclosure is completely between the buyer and the
legal owner. Payment for used taxes, registration or any other fee required to
transfer title, are also by and between the buyer and legal owner.
Foreclosures and pre-foreclosures found on the RV-HELP-U-SELL web-sites
are not exclusive listings. Similar listings may be advertised by other companies.
Not all units marked sold are sold through RV HELP U SELL. If a vehicle listed for sale on our web site is sold by us or other sources they are considered sold units. It is important for buyers to know what vehicles are sold and what vehicles are still available.

Legal owner is defined as " Any lender, business or individual holding legal title
of ownership".
* Some pictures may not represent the actual advertised unit. Where pictures
are not available, we do our best to find a close representation.

* Affiliate locations listed at the top of this page under "Locations" are independently owned businesses.

  Note! The n.a.d.a. guide is only a reference. values found in the guide are only
a guide. RV-HELP-U-SELL will not guarantee these values to be accurate.
RV -HELP-U-SELL will under no circumstances accept any money or deposits
from prospective buyers. All payments and or offers must go directly to the legal
owner of the foreclosure. This is not an auction, offers submitted to RV-HELP-U-
  sell affiliates are forwarded to the legal owners. Only legal owners can accept an
offer to purchase.   

* This is a new addition to our program.

Starting with the sale beginning 4/1/2016 the lenders advertising on this website will accept an offer that they consider high enough during the sale to immediately consider the vehicle sold before the ending date of the sale. The vehicle will not be taken down until the funding is complete. Buyers have only 48 hours to fund the vehicle.

Only the lenders know what they will consider accepting. Please do not ask us "What will it take" because we don't know. If an offer is accepted the buyer will be contacted by the lender within 24 hours. If the buyer is not contacted that means the offer was not accepted. Buyers can make as many offers as they like but small increases will not be taken seriously. Everything else stays the same. High offers at the end of the sale will be considered sold to those offer holders.


              NEW LISTINGS 4/1 to 4/30 at 6 PM Pacific Time 



5338- Itasca Sunova class A motor home-YR 2006- Model 29R- 2 slide outs- Chevy 8.1L engine- Onan generator- Miles 58,119- Walk around queen bed- Manual satellite- full awning- sleeps 6.

Location- Jacksonville Fl- Low retail 31,020  Average retail 37,400.   RERUN FINANCE FELL THROUGH  

5339- Sea breeze Class A motor home- YR 2006- Model 8321 LX- 2 slide outs- Workhorse 8.1L engine- Miles 48,226- Onan generator- Solid surface counters- 32" flat screen TV in the main cabin and a 27" flat screen TV in the bedroom- Lots of storage inside and outside- DVD/CD/MP3 stereo- New tires at 45,000 miles- Location at the time of the sale San Diego Ca.Low retail $35,525  Average retail $42,884.

5340-Bounder Class A Motor home- Yr- 2013 -Model 35K-Miles 23,659- 2 slide outs- Ford V-10 6.8L engine- Onan generator- awning- Satellite (tracking) Walk around queen bed- 32" flat screen- Full body paint- Massive storage inside. Location- San Antonio Tx  Low retail $71,430  Average Retail $86,056.


5341-Four winds Class A motor home- Yr-2005- Model 34A- 2 slide outs-Miles-49,388- Ford V-10 engine- Onan 5.0 Onan generator- awning-Leather- 42" flat screen TV- DVD/CD- queen bed- large kitchen- New tires- Location- San Antonio Tx- Low retail $29,958  Average retail $36,110. 

5342-Southwind Class A Motorhome-YR 2010- Model 32VS- Miles 34,288- Ford V-10 engine and chassis- Onan generator- Full body paint- Solid surface counters- Large frig- 32" Flat screen in cabin- DVD/CD plus a tracking satellite- Location- Jacksonville Fl. Low retail 57,406 Average retail $69,176.


5343- Thor ACE Class A motor home- Yr 2015- Model 30.1 EVO- Miles 8,114- Two slide outs- Like new condition- Onan generator- Leather interior- Queen bed- DVD/CD/GPS plus large outside storage Location- Orlando Fl  Low retail 57,418  Average retail 69,185. 


5344-Tioga class C motor home YR 2001- Model 31W- Miles 62,005- One slideout- Ford V-10 engine- Onan generator- Rear queen walk around bed- Large flat screen in main cabin- 27" flat screen in the bedroom- New tires and sleeps 6. Location- Chicago IL. Best offer over $13,000. RERUN 


5345-Ford  pickup- Yr 2010- Model F-150- Miles 73,039- extra cab- XLY 4x4- All XLT power options- New tires and brakes- Very clean! Leather- Location- Albany Ny- Average trade in 13,975  Clean retail- 18,425 

5346-Ford pickup- YR 2011- Model F250- Standard cab- V-8 engine 2wd- Miles- 72,000- New tires and brakes AT and all standard options- Average retail-13,600  Clean retail $17,750. Location Seattle Wa


5347-Lexus-Yr-2004- model LS 430- miles 87,310- Loaded Lexus all the bells and whistles- Navigation- New tires and brakes- Average trade $11,450  Clean retail $14,525- Location Orlando Fl.RERUN 


5348-Jeep Wrangler- YR 2011- Model unlimited- Miles 54,163- 3.6 V-6 engine- Manual Trans- Big wheels and tires- Very good condition- MP3 upgraded stereo- Average trade in 21,315  Clean retail 27,225 Location Seattle Wa. RERUN FINANCE 

5349-Chevy Colorado YR 2010- Model LT EXT CAB- Miles 78,103- Manual trans- All LT power options- New tires and brakes- MP3 custom sound system- 3.7L 5 cyl engine- Location at the time of the sale Jacksonville Fl. Average trade in 7,575  Clean retain $11,275 


5350-Acura- YR 2007- Model MDX AWD- Miles 81,593- 6CYL- Loaded with every MDX option- Leather- GPS- tow package EVERY option- New tires and brakes on 3/11/2017- Location San Antonio Tx

Average trade in $12,175  Clean retail $16,275.


5351-Mercury Verado 200L pro-Yr 2015 - 6 CYL- 4 stroke- controls not included- Location Orlando Fl- new! in crate-List 18,775- Looking for offers over $9,000- The lender has (3) for sale. 

5352-Mercury Verado outboard motor- Yr 2015- Model 200 Cxl- 6 CYL- Motor only- no controls- demo repossessions- less than 25 hrs- the lender has (3) for sale- Location- Orlando Fl Best offer over 9,500.


5338- 28,000


5340-66,000 SOLD 4/25  68,225


5342-56,000 SOLD 4/25  57,500




5346-12,100 SOLD  4/26  12,515





5351-9,000  3 for sale All three sold $9,500 each 4/26

5352-9,500  3 for sale

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 This is the company main web site. If you have any questions about the offer process please put your question under "comments". RV HELP-U-SELL only advertises the inventory found on the web site. All offers go directly to the legal owners/Lenders.
Thank you.

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