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                                    Why Choose RV HELP-U-SELL!

1.We are not a start-up business opportunity! We have over 5    
    years of internet repossession sales experience. With our
    nationwide location network we can service more lenders.

2.Our location owners make more money than any other
    similar internet repossession sales network.

3.We are the leader in internet search engine results! Just search
    RV foreclosures and compare the results. Many locations can
    be found on the first page of the search.

4. We are a growing business with a bright future! The national
     banking association expects RV, truck and boat repossessions
     to triple by 2015. There is a three year back-log of bank Repos
     coming into the market.

5.  There is no dealers license required to market bank owned
      vehicles.There is a dealers license associated with the company
      that can be used if needed or required as part of doing business
      This license is based in California and is described in detail
      in the company documentation.





                        Frequently asked questions!
Q. How much income can a location owner expect to make annually?
A. Like any business income varies from location-to location and is affected by
     length of time in operation as well as the amount of time spent actually
     working on the business. Most location owners have started out by working
     on the business part time to supplement their income and moving to full time
     when their target income in reached. Locations that have been in operation
     for over a year are producing well above the national average income.

Q. How are location owners paid?
A  The company and the locations are paid directly by the lender or legal owner
     when the sale is completed. After a sale ends it usually takes five to seven days
     before the buyer and the lender complete the sale. After the sale is completed
     and title is transferred the check is issued and sent the same day.

Q. Do location owners get involved in the actual sale or paperwork?
A. No. If your buyer has made the highest offer on a repossession they are then
     contacted by the lender or legal owner holding the title. The buyer and the
     seller complete the sale. Our job is to advertise the repossessions for the lenders
     and deliver the offers to the legal owners.

Q. Do all RV HELP-U-SELL locations market the same inventory?
A. Yes, with a few exceptions. The main company does provide most of the
      inventory to the locations. The company will provide location owners with the
      marketing material and training needed to secure new inventory listings from
      the local area of the location. Any location that brings a new lender into the
      company will increase their income substantially.

Q. How will getting my own lenders to provide inventory increase my income?
A. When a location owner gets new lenders to list inventory, that location is
      the listing location. The listing location owner can choose to keep their listings
      private and listed only on their location web site or provide the new listings
      to all of the RV HELP-U-SELL locations. From there the listing is handled
      just like a real estate listing. If the listing agent sells the vehicle they receive
      all of the commission. If another location finds the buyer then the selling
      location and the listing location split the commission 50/50.



Q. How does the main company get paid?
A. The main company has negotiated a flat fee on each vehicle that is paid by
      the lender. For this reason the company is focused on the volume of sales.
      This is exactly what location owners like about the company. The only way
      the company can increase it's income is by providing more inventory for the
      locations to market.

Serious inquires are welcomed    

Q. Everyone knows that the internet is filled with people trying to cheat them.
     Why should they trust RV HELP-U-SELL?
A.  All prospective buyers need to do is follow the money! All RV HELP-U-SELL
      locations state clearly, "We will never under any circumstances collect or
      accept money from anyone" The business end of the transaction is between
      the buyer and the legal owner. In addition, lenders who list their inventory
      on our web sites do not collect money or even deposits from buyers. 
      Buyers must first inspect and approve the sale before any money changes 
      hands. To date RV HELP-U-SELL has not received even one complaint from
      a buyer.

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